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What to feel EMPOWERed? If you're representing yourself in a lawsuit and you'd like to eliminate error, gain confidence, increase your chances of success and, most importantly, have the assistance of an attorney wihtout paying high dollar for one, you're in the right place. 


No matter the type of case your facing, Stephanie can EMPOWER you through your lawsuit. Uncertain how to prepare a legal document? Nervous for an upcoming hearing? No idea how to negotiation with a lawyer? Stephanie can help.


With this serivce, you recieve:


  • a 20 minute video consultation with Stephanie,
  • A Self-Discovery Workbook designed to evaluate your fears, goals, strengths and weaknesses and apply them to your case,
  • Four webinars (Mediation, Document Strategy, Negotiation Strategy and Hearing Preparation) where Stephanie will guide you through skills and strategies,
  • Four workbooks (Mediation, Document Strategy, Negotiation Strategy and Hearing Preparation) designed to aplly the skills and strategies you learn to your unique case and,
  • A 3- month membership to our VIP Group, where you'll find commraiderie  and collaborate on topics related to pro se litigation with other similarly situated litigants.


Okay, so what's next? Upon securing your spot, you will be e-mailed a link to sign up for you video consultation with Stephanie and join our VIP Group, where you will gain access to webinars and workbooks.


Empower Legal Coaching with Stephanie, Esq.

  • Unless jurisdiction of your case resides in Idaho, Stephanie is unable to provide legal advice based on the law and merits of your case, as doing so is the unauthorized practice of law.

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