Equine law involves preventative measures and resolution of legal issues pertaining to horses, horse activities, associations and businesses including:

  • Buy-sale disputes

  • Contract review, edit & preparation.

  • Releases of Liability

  • Training Agreements 

  • Boarding Agreements

  • Lease Agreements

  • Sale Agreements

  • Business setup & advising

  • Speaking engagements


At Griffey Law, we focus on transparent pricing so you know what you're getting and know what you're paying. Our contract creation, edit and/or review services start as low as $500.

Our contract pricing:

  • Basic contract creation - $800

  • Advanced contract creation - $1,200

  • Advanced contract creation & release of liability creation & FREE Idaho Liability Sign - $1,400​

*Restrictions and rules apply.   

Three Horses

STEPHANIE GRIFFEY, J.D. shares her top three equine law tips in COWGIRL MAGAZINE


Stephanie did a fantastic job in writing a equine contract for a horse I was purchasing and then leasing back. She exceeded my expectation on the contract and made it very clear and concise. She was so easy to deal with and understood everything I was asking. I highly recommend her for anyone that needs legal advice.


I purchased a show gelding from a trainer. You expect honesty; not always do you get it! Stephanie worked hard to put a case together to get this horse returned to the seller and my money returned to me. She advised me of everything she attempted with letters and other professional help to no avail or co-operation from the seller or previous owner. Stephanie kept the cost down and I really appreciate her professionalism in her attempts to help me with my problem. Unfortunately, I could not afford a jury trial. Thank you.