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🐴 Do you want to safeguard your interests when buying or purchasing a horse? 


🐴 Do you want to be honest about the horse you're selling (or receive honesty about the horse you're buying) without fear of the sale backfiring?


"Buying and Selling" horses is the #1 issue that comes to my office as equine lawyer. 


(And I'm giving away a cool freebie in this class!)


Limited to 10 seats & only a few left!


Join our exclusive online Zoom class for the month of February, led by equine lawyer and educator, Stephanie Griffey. Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to have smooth, secure horse buying/selling transactions.


🌟 What to Expect: This class joins legal expertise and hands-on horse wisdom. It will delve into crucial aspects such as:


✅ Mastering Payment Protection: Learn strategies to ensure prompt and secure payments.


✅ Logistical Excellence in Delivery: Navigate the complexities of horse transportation with ease and learn about a worry-free delivery process.


✅ Insider Insights into Pre-Purchase Exams: Understand the importance of pre-purchase veterinary exams and how to protect interests when a PPE is "unsatisfactory" or "waived."


✅ Complete Disclosures for Transparency: Discover how to obtain full disclosure about a horse's history, training and issues AND how find peace in the protection provided in fully disclosing a horse's history, training and issues.


✅ Crafting Warranties and Guarantees: Define clear and effective warranties to protect both parties that are more effective than "as is." ("As is" doesn't mean what you think.)


✅ Community Building: Join a supportive and thriving equine community by networking with other similiarly situationed folks.


Why Choose Us?


Stephanie Griffey offers legal insights with a blend of practical horse knowledge and connection. Be part of an engaging learning environment that understands the unique challenges and joys of working with horses.


Oh... but what's more?


Every attendee in this class will be entered to win a drawing for one FREE "Ultimate Guide to Sound Horse-Operations" (value = $299).


💸 Invest in Your Success: Limited seats. Reserve yours for $117.


📅 Save the Date: February 28th, 2024 at 10:00 am MST. (Can't join live? A replay is available for attendees.)




Add the class to your cart and proceed with payment. Stephanie will be in touch with a "Welcome" email and an onboarding questtionnaire. 


A few before the class, you will receive an email with a link to join the Zoom at the date and time above.


Zoom into Success: This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for a new Masterclass every month. This will be the only class offered exclusively on this topic.


🌟 See you there, Stephanie ðŸŒŸ


Wait... before you go, read what others say about Stephanie's classes:


"This is a phenomenal resource."


"There are not alot of resources that I have found to just ask questions and share ideas. This course gave me a lot of confidence in how I am running my operation and let me know areas that I never thought about or can improve. I am that that I stumbled upon your Instagram account and you decided to provide these kids of classes and support group."

LIMITED SEATS - Legal Ed Class - Buying & Selling Horses

$217.00 Regular Price
$117.00Sale Price
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