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🐴 Are you working with horses but worried about conflict or getting in legal trouble? 


🐴Do you have the horse skill, knowledge, experience and passion but feel BLAHHH about negotiation, paperwork, safety and dealing with people?


I'm Stephanie Griffey and I'm an equine attorney. I help my horse clients --trainers, boarding facilities, therapy service providers, sellers, breeders and more-- get out of dire legal situations. 


I created this Guide because ALL of these dire legal situations were caused by the same mistake. This Guide shares all my secrets and ensures you don't make the same mistake too.


If you want to PREVENT horse-related disputes and suits, enter...


The Ultimate Guide to Sound Horse-Operations ("sound," like a horse with no limps or gimps, get it?) 💪🏽


✅ What this Guide will do for you:

  • Help you understand what your horse-operations are missing, how to get it and how to keep it

  • MINIMIZE or ELIMINATE conflict, legal issues & lawsuits in your horse-operation

  • Build CONFIDENCE in your horse-related transactions & relationships

  • Help you navigate the complexities of business & law so that you can FOCUS on the horse

  • Establish well-organized rules and processes and policies to ensure COMPLIANCE and SAFETY of horses and people

  • Elevate services and facilities into an effective and PROFESSIONAL establishment

  • EMPOWER you to take control of your horse-operations (whether for hobby or money)

  • create MORE TIME and LESS WORK💰💰💰


❌ What this Guide is not:

  • It's not a quick fix. (The Guide is 60 plus pages.)

  • It's not written with legal jargon (like hereinafter, therefore... gag!)

  • It's not legal advice and doesn't create an attorney-client relationship. Everything shared in the Guide is for educational purposes only.


But here's MY FAVORITE PART: The primary benefit of the Guide is to helps you prevent horse-related disputes & suits in your horse-operations, but there's a secondary benefit: implementing the polices and practices in the Guide will also help your horse-operations achieve peak performance: you'll gain more efficient, productive, effective, and profitable operations.


WHAT ELSE?I've added a GET SOUND CHECKLIST and a GET SOUND WORKBOOKso you can apply everything you learn. ðŸ“–📖


🎉Let's get your horse-operations SOUND 🎉


*This is a digital product only. Due to the nature of digital products, refunds will not be given.

The Ultimate Guide to Sound Horse-Operations

$299.00 Regular Price
$74.75Sale Price
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